Kenyans Accuses Tanzanians on Wildebeests Blockage Coming to Kenya


SHAME on Tanzanians! They are blocking wildebeests coming to Kenya

Monday July 23RD 2012 – Tanzanians
livings around the Serengeti Game Reserve have set the area on fire to block
the wildebeest migration.

Their decision to block the wildebeest migration has brought
many concerns to the Kenyan government. The fires which have so far lasted two
weeks have delayed hundreds of wildebeests from Serengeti plains gathered on
the Mara River from crossing into Kenya. Hundreds of acres of reserves in the
northern Tanzania along the migratory route are still on fire and this has been
pushing back the animals.
The Mara Game Reserve usually receives many visitors at these times when the wildebeest migration kicks off and is the annual tourism peak season.
The custodians of the reserve and the Narok County Council have appealed to the Ministry of Tourism and that of Foreign Affairs to talk with the respective ministries in Tanzania to resolve the situation.
Mr. Michael Ole Koikai, the chief warden of the reserve said that tourist who started to camp at the banks of river have been forced to wait because of the delays brought about by the fire.
He claimed that the animals had attempted to cross twice but could not access the river.
“Many tourists are being forced to pay more than they had planned for because they don’t want to leave before experiencing the spectacular 7th wonder of the world,’’ Mr Koikai said.
Stakeholders, who are already afraid of losing revenue, have joined the call for the government to intervene.
Tanzania National Parks Responses

Reference is made to Daily Nation of 23rd July, 2012 that is published in Kenya under the headline “Arson halts wildebeest migration”. It was published that migration to Kenya is being blocked following fire that was set by local communities that reside in the northern part of Serengeti Game Reserve (it is a National Park and not a game reserve). However, the Management for Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) is hereby refuting the published allegations for the following facts:

Annual calendar of migration

Usually wildebeest and zebra do cover 1000 km in their course of migration throughout the year. These migratory animals do spend very little time in Masai Mara which is almost two months of a year and the rest ten months the wildebeest do spend their time in Serengeti as it can be observed on the below scientifically proven migration calendar. These animals are too many (1.5 millions) and therefore cannot stay in one area, they must move in search of new pasture and exchanging males to avoid inbreeding. As per the annual migration calendar, it suffices to state that is not yet time of main migration to be in Masai Mara, the right time is September and October. Currently the Main migration is still on movement from Western towards Northern part of Serengeti.

Source:  Press Release: Blockage of Wildebeest Migration from Tanzania National Parks

Toa maoni yako juu ya Kenyans Accuses Tanzanians on Wildebeests Blockage Coming to Kenya kwa kutumia nafasi hapo chini ilipoandikwa ACHA MAONI


  1. this is a joke in the making.why would tanzanians who have been our good neighbours en friends try that funny thing….its a pity

  2. true the migration is not yet on, however the fires at the banks of mara raise eyebrows especially when they have taken that long and tanzanian government is doing little to put them out…Bofya hapa kusoma zaidi…

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